Digital Diary Studies for Longitudinal Field Research

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Uncover Valuable User and Product Insights with Remote UX Research

Speaker:  Kelly Goto
CEO and Founder, gotoresearch

Digital diary studies are a cost-effective, flexible, time-saving alternative to in-person, contextual, field research. Using remote UX tools (like Dscout or WhatsApp) on their mobile devices, people anywhere in the world self-report their in-the-moment activities, thoughts, and feelings around the topic of choice. Smart kitchens? Autonomous cars? A new streaming service? The list goes on. These longitudinal studies last anywhere from one week to a few months.

Learn how to research using digital diary tools, micro-surveys, remote interviews, and activities to uncover rich data and keep participants actively engaged.

Topics Covered

Digital ethnography (a.k.a. digital diary studies)

  • Why it is important
  • What it it
  • How is it done

Diary study design

  • Running diary studies: how to set up, recruit for, moderate, and report
  • The best mobile ethnography tools to use in varying scenarios
  • Creating individual activities (aka ‘missions’), experiments, and micro surveys
  • Determine the right research goals for each ‘mission’ or stage of the study

‘Insight’ reviews (i.e. analysis and insight reporting cycles with specific research goals)

  • What they are
  • Why you should do them
  • When you should do them
  • How you should do them

Recruiting participants

  • Panel creation: How to build and nurture a panel for ongoing feedback
  • How to keep the participants engaged and avoid traditional fall-off
  • The importance of building trust and rapport over time

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About the Speaker
Kelly Goto is the founder and principal of gotoresearch, a digital products and services research firm. 22 years ago, she saw the need for strategy that was driven by research but still people-friendly. She has set industry-wide standards ever since for iterative processes that lead to ideal user experiences. Kelly is a pioneer in Design Ethnography, which is deep, specialized customer insight that focuses on mobile research across multiple device types. Clients include Hyundai, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Target, Wells Fargo and Seiko Epson Japan. Her style and passion make her a popular keynote speaker, instructor and consultant on Lean Processes, Emotional UX, Design Thinking, and Getting Unstuck. Her book, Workflow That Works, is used in corporations and university curricula in 22 languages.

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Digital Diary Studies for Longitudinal Field Research

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