Qualitative Data Analysis with Video

Nielsen Norman Group

Tools and Techniques for Collecting and Analyzing Video

Speaker: Geoff Robertson
Founder & UX Specialist, Chockablock
(formerly Manager of UX Research at Discovery Education)

Video is an important format to master as it can be used to document research methods such as field observations, interviews, focus groups, and usability tests. Qualitative video data helps us connect and empathize with users in a way quantitative data cannot; and, contrary to popular belief, it can be quantified. These traits make qualitative video data a powerful combination of insights and numbers.

In this session we will discuss:

  • tools and techniques for collecting and analyzing qualitative video data
  • what to look for in a video recording device
  • how to leverage video recording devices for different research methods
  • how to prepare captured video footage for analysis
  • how to analyze video footage using qualitative data coding

Participants of this session will leave with not only applicable skills, but also a list of cost-effective tools that will help them make use of qualitative data in video format.

Topics Covered

What to look for in a video recording device

  • Understanding form and function
  • Understanding recording formats
  • Understanding lenses and focal points

How to leverage video recording devices for different research methods

  • Setups for interviews and focus groups
  • Setups for observations (single & multi pov)
  • Setups for usability tests (single & multi pov)

How to prepare recorded video footage for analysis

  • Processing video footage (single vs multi pov)
  • Censoring & annotating video footage
  • Hosting and sharing video footage

How to analyze video footage with qualitative data coding

  • Structuring your spreadsheet
  • Coding for what you want to learn
  • Basic formulas for quantification

The link to view the online seminar will be emailed to the address used for registration. 

About the Speaker
Geoff Robertson is founder and UX Specialist at Chockablock, whose mission is to help those working in blockchain technology identify their product's barriers to adoption and create better experiences for the next wave of users. He has developed several innovative techniques for collecting qualitative data in complex, multi-user environments. Geoff values team involvement in research and has structured his process to include designers and developers allowing them to learn and apply techniques on their own. Geoff earned his BA in Experimental Psychology from the University of South Carolina in 2006 and his MA in Human Factors and Applied Cognitive Psychology from George Mason University in 2010.

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Qualitative Data Analysis with Video

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