How Inclusive Design Expands Business Value

Nielsen Norman Group

Nancy Douyon

Design Ethicist and Product Philosopher, Independent Consultant

Well-designed user experiences come from teams that take time to understand their users and the diversity within their user base. User diversity covers variations in capabilities, needs, and aspirations; understanding these nuances and differences can help inform design decisions and ensure designs cater to many people as possible in their design solutions. Not only does this broadly improve ease of use, but expands potential business value and customer reach in the process.

During this seminar, we’ll discuss how we can minimize the harmful effects of our blind spots and maximize the potential for our products to prioritize relative ease of use that translates well to westernized and non-westernized users alike. Whether you have been a UX practitioner for years, or are just starting out, this talk will be helpful for all levels of UX professionals.

You will learn:

  • what product teams really need to build inclusive, well-designed solutions
  • why understanding user diversity is critical to expanding business value
  • how keeping a universal mindset accelerates design innovation

Topics Covered

The ROI of Empathy

  • Deliver value beyond empathy
  • Culture-market fit and context
  • Promoting UX work with product managers and engineers

Inclusivity with Research

  • Discover pattern and trends w/ research
  • Scale radius of influence with research
  • Use research insights to address challenges facing global users

Equity & inclusion in UX

  • Cultural humility
  • Leverage privilege with awareness
  • Create opportunity through access

The link to view the online seminar will be emailed to the address used for registration. 

About the Speaker
Nancy Douyon is a trailblazer in human experience design with over 15 years of industry experience building scalable user research platforms and revitalizing user interfaces at leading companies such as Uber, Google, IBM, Cisco, and Intel. Throughout her career, Nancy has gained a reputation for delivering big results in a culturally honest and purposeful way with hundreds of products deployed in over 80 countries worldwide. She consults globally on remote user research methods and development in emerging markets. Her past research examined design frameworks around the promotion, development, and implementation of global policies around user experiences in tech.

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  • Online Seminar
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How Inclusive Design Expands Business Value

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